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  • Welding Technology. Many of these courses are long standing and allow students to get their hands dirty testing theories and putting their new-found skills into practice. It's an Associate of Applied Science degree that also touches on CAD, robotics, the use of lasers and safety inspections, making it a fascinating choice for those who want to enter the profession. There are also 200,000 more job positions available than welders, meaning you have the potential to land guaranteed employment with a salary which reflects your talents.
  • Electrical Engineering Technology. This explores microprocessors, computers, and electrical equipment in detail, with students getting the chance to learn about circuitry as well as the science and mathematics behind many of the gadgets we use on a daily basis.
  • Information Technology. Finally, this type of degree would focus on computer hardware and software, how to program, as well as how networking technology works. Many of these Associate's degrees also require students to complete an internship to earn credits.